My story

Bonjour! I am Assia, alias Chloe, a Frenchwoman who moved to Leicester several years ago. Missing the traditional patisserie of my native country, I taught myself how to bake at home for my kids which became my passion.


It all began when I prepared a "Fraisier" for my group of French friends one day.  Not only did they like it but realized that we missed the "saveur" (taste) of home. Thanks to the word of mouth, my baking became popular amongst the French community and gradually spread all over Leicester. I even had to redesigned my garage to bake professionally as my orders were increasing! 

The more I introduced French patisserie, the more I wanted to create the full experience which led to the idea of opening my own caféSoon after, I trained at a famous Parisian patisserie to prepare myself to start my own business.  

Several years after I started baking for my family, the "Chloe Gourmet" café was born. The specialty of my French pastries are the rich variations, ingredients imported from France, and the techniques that are authentic to French culinary culture.

I am passionate to this day to welcome my customers to the world of French patisserie, a trip to Paris in the centre of Leicester. 



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